Thursday, November 14, 2013

Autumn in Monterey

Fall has come to Monterey.  It is starting to get chillier, the air a little crisper.  It's not like a New England fall (nothing is quite like that) but it's still been very nice.  The fog is mostly gone and the days are clear and sunny.  We had some visitors in Oct. and we got to get out and enjoy some of the sights (and many of the restaurants!) in the area.  My grandma came for a week in the middle of Oct, and then my dad came for a few days at the end.  It was so nice to see them both and for Charlie to get to know his extended family a little bit more!

Charlie has started "roaring" lately, so we ask him all the time "what does a lion say?" and he roars back at us.  Because of this we decided he pretty much needed to be a lion for Halloween.  Hello Costco and their $13 costumes!  He was an adorable lion.  

I pulled out all my fall decor a few weeks ago and discovered I didn't have a fall wreath.  I went to the craft store, only to realize that pre-made wreaths are wicked expensive.  I decided buying all the piece and making my own would be a little more economical.  Turns out everything I bought was on super clearance, and my supplies cost less than $9!  Despite having no plan or design, I think it turned out pretty cute:

Another thing I made was a turkey hat for Charles.  We are running the "Turkey Trot 5K" at NPS this week, so a turkey hat was in order.  He actually keeps it on pretty well, and only yanks it off every 10 minutes or so.  I also made turkey hats for my niece and nephew, and am now working on one for Phil.  Hopefully it will be done in time for him to wear to the race tomorrow!  I haven't crocheted anything in a long time, but it's all coming back to me now, and the hats do work up really quickly.  I already found a snowman hat pattern for Christmas!

This month we celebrated out 5th anniversary!!  I can't believe it's been five years already.  It really has flown by.  We celebrated with a nice dinner out- our first time out without Charles!  Check out this photo of us.  Back from 2004, when we were "just friends"! ;) ;)  Glad the braces are gone, but so happy to still be snuggling up to that good-looking guy.

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