Wednesday, September 26, 2012

A hiking we will go...

This past weekend we ventured off the peninsula, and headed to Big Sur.  It was a beautiful weekend so we thought we would take advantage of the weather and do some hiking.  We had a wonderful day and enjoyed getting out and doing something together!

I've never been very far on Hwy 1, but it was a beautiful, and crazy ride!  The highway runs right along the edge of the coast and gives you some breathtaking views of the ocean.

Crazy, winding roads on our drive.  I may have gotten a little carsick on the way there, but went ahead and napped on the way home! 

 Redwoods!  First time I've actually seen some big ones, and these weren't event the biggest!

One of the trails we hiked lead to the Limekilns.  We were trying to figure out what they were as we were hiking there.  Turns out they're literally kilns for lime smelting.  Who knew? 

 The next trail we took led up to a waterfall.  Very pretty!

Charlie and I posed by the falls. :)

 Beautiful woods at the end of our hike.

Monday, September 10, 2012

Baby bump (and kicks, and thumps)

We had our twenty week ultrasound Friday.  Guess what?

We're having a boy!  A kicking, moving, active little guy. :)  He was bouncing all around during the ultrasound, and he reminds me all the time that he's still there with some well placed kicks.  Our little man measure right at 20 weeks, and they estimated that he weighs about 11oz.  Check out the bump: