Thursday, November 21, 2013

Crafting again

I do a lot of crafting but since there's just Charlie and Eva at home to admire it, and they can't comment on my work in anything other than barks and smiles, I like to post it here.  I've made a collective three baby quilts.  One was done using a tutorial I found online and the other two were done based off of pictures I saw on Pinterest and some helpful blog posts.  This is my most recent one, made for a dear friend who is having her second little boy.  It was my first time hand-sewing the binding and what I learned from that experience was "stick to machine sewing".  A hand-quilter I am not!  But I was still happy with the final project and I can't wait to see pictures of her little guy all wrapped up in it!


  1. You're so talented! Maisy Jo loves her quilt!

  2. Hey, I have a quick question I wanted to ask you about your blog, do you think you could send me an email when you get this? Thanks! Tiffany