Monday, January 30, 2012

Latest Obsessions (on TV)

Apparently having nothing to do keeps me very busy.  Too busy for blogging.  Actually, life's just been pretty quiet and uninteresting.  One of the exciting things is our evening tv shows.  Yeah, that's the highlight of our day.  Anyway, there are two shows we're pretty hooked on right now:

We'd never watched this show until a few weeks ago when Michael & Darcy introduced us to it.  Netflix has all twelve seasons on instant view.  Pretty cool.  We had just started the new year off trying to be more healthy (you know.... the New Year's "eat healthy work out more" resolution everyone makes).  This show has actually kept us pretty motivated!  Not only does it make us feel better about ourselves (I'm so glad I don't weight 287lbs!) but it's also really encouraging to see the huge lifestyle changes the contestants make.  We also get sucked into the drama, cheer on the teams (we always cheer for Blue. We're really just cheering for Bob) and look forward to the crowning "biggest loser" moment.  So, if you're looking for some workout motivation... you should just watch some tv!

I don't know how you could not watch this show.  It's wonderful.  It makes us wish every night was a Sunday night.  This show is chock full of juicy drama; scandal, intrigue, blackmail, romance, sex, war, money, social clashes.... all beautifully packed in turn of the century costumes and settings.  The characters are wonderful.  Everyone is pulling for Bates and Anna, sighing over Matthew and Mary, and hating Thomas.  The most exciting moment?  When I found out there was a Season 3!

Friday, January 20, 2012

Sweet, sweet victory!

I'm not really a game person.  I've never played "Monopoly" and I hate "Life" (I mean, what's with the 'trade salaries' card?  Because that definitely  doesn't exist in real life!).  I tend to be pretty competitive when I do play games, and I really hate to lose.  Phil loves games.  He's also incredibly good at any game you challenge him to.  He's one of the reasons I've stopped playing games.  Now we just do puzzles together.  This spring I discovered "Words with Friends" and I enjoyed it, played it, and won a few times.  Then I showed it to my husband.  And for the last six months I have lost to him every single time.  Until this week.... when I finally, finally beat him!  Can anyone say victory dance?

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

On exercise...

Now that we're settling in to a little bit of a routine and getting to know the area, we've decided to take advantage of all the free classes offered at the NPS gym.  I was really dedicated to working out over the spring and summer, but then life got in the way and I didn't work out too much over the fall.  Now that it's winter, I don't have much else to do, and I have the motivation of a family wedding in the spring, I've been going to the gym.  A lot.  I guess that's a good thing.  Today I took two classes back-to-back.  Yoga and Zumba.  I love yoga.  It helps me relax and fell calmer.  Surprisingly, I'm pretty flexible.  I can get into some pretty tough, knot-yourself-up-like-a-pretzel, yoga positions.  When I finish I feel pretty good.  Not so much with Zumba.  For those of you who have no idea what Zumba is (I didn't until five days ago) here's a youtube clip:

I have no idea who these people are, but the video gives you the basic idea.  Check out the girl in the green pants.  The one who has no idea what she's doing, looks wildly around at the others and is usually a beat behind everyone else.  That's me.  I may have conquered tree pose, but shaking my booty around is much, much tougher!

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Craftiness again...

Now that the holidays are over and everything has been gifted, I can finally show off all the knitting I did over the last two months.  Cowls are in this year.  That's what I say anyway.  To make sure everyone was very stylish and update I knit them all cowls for Christmas.  The thing I love about making them is that they are quick to knit, I can use almost any yarn I want, and they look super cute.  Check it out:

A Mobius cowl for my mom.  This one I actually knit twisted on purpose. 

A long, squishy cowl for my mother-in-law.  Somewhere in the "making everyone super stylish" busy-ness, I never did make myself a cowl.  I'd really like to make one like this.  Super warm!!

One for my bff Abbey.  This one was lace-weight with beads.  Never knit with beads before, but I enjoyed it.  It thoroughly impressed my husband. 

 "Bellyphant" baby sweater for little nephew Christopher, who arrived 12/31!  This sweater had been languishing in the knitting basket, one sleeve and the buttons still left.  Christopher's early arrival pushed me into finishing it.

And lastly, the "Little Owls" sweater for baby William.  Aren't the owls just adorable??  I think so.

So there we have it.... what I've been doing with my time (instead of blogging).  And as soon as we get some pictures hung and our last few boxes unpacked, I will post 'new house' pictures so you (**coughcoughKaleycoughcough**) can check out our cute place.

Monday, January 2, 2012

....and we're back

It's been a crazy couple months, but we're still alive!!  Note to self for the next move: try not to do it the week of Christmas.  Since it's been so busy lately, let me recap:

First week of Dec. I worked crazy hours and Phil drove up to Monterey and back down.  Signed the rental agreement for a cute little house.
Second week of Dec. I worked crazy hours while Phil and I tried to get the house in order and spend time with friends before leaving.  Movers came on the 16th, and I worked my last day.
Third week of Dec. we drove to Phil's families in OC, then drove to Monterey.  Got Phil checked in to school, our movers came, and I unpacked the kitchen.  Drove back down to Southern CA.
Fourth week of Dec. we spent Christmas with the family and got to see our cute little nephew!  Drove back to Monterey.  Spent a quiet New Years together in our new little home.
First week of Jan. we've been unpacking, getting settled and exploring the area.  Phil starts classes later this week and I'll continue to get things organized and in their place.

So far things have been going really well.  Everything went smoothly with the move, we enjoyed a happy Christmas with the family, and on Saturday our newest little nephew Christopher arrived in the world safe and healthy!  We're getting to know our neighborhood, visited a great little Church down the street, and are getting comfortable in our new place.  We're praying for a continued smooth transition into our new schedules and routines.  Here's to a happy New Year for all!