Saturday, May 19, 2012

A day of dates

Phil leaned to scuba dive a few months ago, which is pretty neat. Unfortunately, all his friends want him to go diving on the weekends now, so I spend a good part of Saturday alone. I finally asked him if we could have a Saturday all to ourselves, so last Saturday he planned a day full of fun adventures!

I started the day off with pumpkin pancakes and a mystery novel~ lovely way to begin a Saturday.

We spent the morning and early afternoon hiking Point Lobos.  It was the first time either of us had been there, and we greatly enjoyed it!  The views were beautiful and the hike was just challenging enough for us.  At the end we had a picnic lunch together!

Yay us!

 It's hard to tell in this picture (I just had my iphone, since I forgot to bring my good camera with the zoom!) but these are mama and baby Harbor Seals!  The little babies were so cute scooting all over the beach and playing in the water.

I don't know what these are, but they reminded me of lilacs back home!

After our hike we headed over to the beach to get some sunshine (and maybe a nap!).  We're really enjoying living so close to the water.

To finish off our day we went to see "The Avengers".  I love when all the summer blockbuster action movies start playing!  It was great spending a day together and I'm so thankful for the few years we have on shore tour, where we actually do things together!

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

April showers, May flowers....

I can't believe that April has come and gone already- it went by in such a blur!  Work has been keeping me crazy busy lately and the work week is gone before I even know it's started.  While things have been busy, there have been some highlights this past month: 

We donned our finest for Easter Sunday.  Oh, and I got a haircut.  Long story. 

My brother-in-law married his beautiful bride Sarah.  Lovely, lovely day!

 All the Robblee girls!

My friend Abbey had a little boy, baby William!  I knit her a beautiful blanket.

Phil got rear-ended by an SUV.  This is what it did to his car.  The SUV didn't even have a scratch.  Thankfully, the shop was able to fix it, and we get it back tomorrow!

The spring weather has finally come to Monterey, and the woods are beautiful!  We finally had a chance to go on a forest walk and the Irises were all in bloom!