Friday, October 4, 2013

(Non-awkward) Family photos

Recently we've done quite a few family things together.  I might try and do separate blogs posts about some of them, but we'll see.  We know what a consistent, up-to-date a blogger I am... What I liked about all the different things going on is how many family pictures we've gotten.  I've realized lately that we have about 350 pictures of Charlie by himself for every one picture we have of Charlie with one of us.  We've been trying to remedy that!

Monterey Bay is always a great backdrop for photos!

Atop Garrapata... another beautiful view!

This one was a selfie.  We were trying to get a picture while Phil was in uniform. 
 Not really sure why we're all leaning left. 

On beautiful Bass Lake

Yosemite, at the Sequoia Grove.  We are standing in the trunk of a tree!


  1. Oh stop being so cute! Looks like you have been enjoying some fun adventures! Love you and miss you all. Give the CBear lots of hugs and kisses from me! <3 Abz

  2. you have approximately 12 more family photos than I do. We have three. None of them with Maisy! Ha ha!