Saturday, November 26, 2011

I've got plenty to be thankful for...

Thanksgiving is such a wonderful time to reflect on all our many blessings; family, friends, homes, jobs, health and so many other things.  This Thanksgiving weekend was particularly special, since we got to welcome little William Augustine into the Robblee clan!  My brother-and-sister-in-law are the first in the family to have a baby, and we were so excited to spend time this weekend celebrating the safe (and early!) delivery of their baby boy!   

The little guy that made me an aunt! 

Looking around at the world... 

The Robblee men, unfortunately missing Phil.  
We'll have to get one with all the boys when he returns from his deployment!

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Oh the weather outside...

Sometimes, on cold, gray, windy days when the Christmas lights are up and everyone is wearing hats and scarves, I see little bits of white swirling around, and for one brief moment I think "Oh! It's going to snow!"  Then, with a thud of disappointment I remember... I live in Southern California.

I think I need the Navy to send us somewhere cold and snowy!  At least for the holidays.

Thursday, November 17, 2011


So I recently stumbled upon a Dickens adaption that I had never seen before, "Little Dorrit".  Netflix recommended it based on my viewing history  (hmm... maybe all those period pieces??) so I ordered it.  Winner of 7 Emmys, this was a great mini-series!  Filled with the usual cast of eccentric Dickens characters, if followed the life of young Amy Dorrit and her trials and fortunes.   While I'm of the "Colin Firth is the only Mr. Darcy"  persuasion, and did't pay any attention to Matthew Macfadyn in the recent "Pride and Prejudice", I certainly noticed him as Mr. Clennam in this show. :)  Also, Claire Foy is a newer actress who does a wonderful job as sweet Amy.  And can I say, without spoiling anything- cutest ending EVER?!?  Highly recommended!

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

My happily ever after...

Three years ago today we were married!  A cold, rainy November day, but a beautiful day nonetheless. It's been a crazy three years, but I wouldn't trade it for anything!

Monday, November 7, 2011

The thing about shoes (part 2)

Sometimes I have "lonely Navy wife days".  When that happens I go shopping.  More importantly, shoe shopping.  This time I bought a pair of TOMS:

I love these shoes.  They make me so happy!  They are a) adorable, b) super comfy, c) allow some poor child to have shoes as well.   Since they are so many wonderful things, I think I should add to my collection.  Maybe some sparkly ones for work, and a cute pair of lace ones for dressy, and some red  corduroy ones for Christmas....

Sunday, November 6, 2011

Fall comes to San Diego

Cool weather has finally come to Southern California.  This weekend has been cold and rainy, a change from our usual warm and mild weather.  I could actually see my breath this evening!  To ward of the chill I lit my lit fire (and by I lit I mean I turned on the switch), made some cocoa, and spent the day curled up reading!!  It really feels like it might be Fall.

Friday, November 4, 2011

Sight-seeing San Diego

Since we've signed our life away to the Navy, we go where the Navy sends us.  For the last few years we've been in San Diego, but we'll soon be packing up and heading to Monterey.  I'm excited to see a new place, but am realizing that there are still parts of San Diego I haven't seen yet.  One of the sights is the Mission that so many parts of San Diego are named after : Mission Valley, Missions Hills, Mission Gorge, Mission Beach. etc.  While Phil was on POM (no idea what it stands for, but it means vacation!), we took an afternoon and visited the San Diego Mission.  It was small, pretty, and very peaceful and relaxing.  

 The main sanctuary

 In the gardens...

Relaxing by the fountain.
(You can tell Phil's on leave because he gets scruffy!)